Mi 9A – Why Buy The Mi 9A?


The new Redmi Notebook from Google includes a few features that are unique among its counterparts in the high-end smartphone segment. For example, it has one of the best dual camera configurations available on any smartphone. Before you go out and buy the handset, it would do you well to understand what these special dual camera modes can do for your photos. In this article we take a look at what they can do and where you can find them on other phones.

With a dedicated mode, the Mi 9A allows you to take multiple photos at the same time without switching between the regular camera and the second one. The Redmi 9A operates on a single core and so forth, hence, there is no need to reboot the device when you switch to dual camera mode. The Redmi 9A also supports proprietary quick charging. As far as the video cameras are concerned, the Redmi 9A in the back packs a 16-megapixel rear camera with an f/3.5 aperture.

It might sound impressive but the quality of images taken by this phone is not really impressive. When shooting videos, the front facing camera seems to take better shots than the one located in the rear. It also has a decent color range but colors tend to be washed out and dull. In low light images the quality is quite poor. In both low light and good light images, there is no distinguishable clarity.

You can buy this handset in a two-tone color combination of red and blue, which gives it a nice appearance. However, it is not possible to use this color combination outside as the sunlight will tend to change colors. Another negative point is that the dual camera setup tends to malfunction after some time, as the software is unable to recognize the target. This problem is also common with the older model of the Mi 9A. To conclude, the Mi 9A is good for a person who needs a compact smartphone with decent video quality and performance but is not necessarily great if one is looking to buy something for casual use. Mi 9A

If money is not a concern, then the Mi 9A could be one of the best options to buy. It comes with one year of free service, which is not very bad. One should also check out how much memory the device has and if it has a USB port. For an all round user, then it is hard to go past the Mi 9A. There are plenty of cheap unlocked phones available in the market but none of them come close to matching the functionality and features of the Mi 9A. With all these factors in mind, one can safely say that the Mi 9A is one of the best devices in the present market.

There are more advantages when buying an unlocked device rather than buying one that is manufactured by a particular company. It is not as complicated as one may think. In just a few days of shopping around, one can easily find a great deal. Deals are bound to pop up everywhere, so be sure to keep track of where and when they crop up. You do not want to miss out on your dream phone just because you did not bother looking hard enough.


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