Getting a New Corn Snake

Corn snakes are one of the better pet snakes available to the caring pet keeper for several reasons. They are simple to care for, are normally very placid and so can be handled safely and don’t get very large to allow them to be safely and cheaply kept in your home. They’re also available in a wide array of colors which means there will probably be a snake that appeals to you.

Corn snakes are simple to breed and so many of the more popular colors are easy to get hold of and very reasonably priced though of course there are more costs to consider. You will require an array of other equipment if your reptile is going to be happy and the costs for all these can add up. lizards for sale

You must also know that unlike many pets, you need to change much of this equipment as your pet grows. For example if you place a baby snake into a large cage suitable for adult reptiles they will likely get stressed and stop eating. However an adult snake in a tiny cage simply won’t have enough space to change position.

The basic equipment for a baby snake are a cage, a heater, somewhere to hide, a water bowl, some substrate and some food. Cages vary massively in their size and price and you ought to be looking for something with no small gaps your snake can escape from. From large plastic tubs to aquariums with special lids on there are a range of options available depending on your budget and opinions.

The cage should have a layer of something on the floor that you snake can dig in and hide under and many reptile stores sell suitable substrates though some snake keepers opt to use newspaper since it is cheap and easy to get.

Snakes will need somewhere to hide which is available as a proper hide from the animal store or even just an empty cereal box laid on it’s side. Water should be provided all the time and changed daily.

Being cold blooded snakes also like some artificial heating during the cooler months and again there are an array of options. I think the simple reptile heat pad works well, is easy to put together and cheap to buy.



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